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From Bauhaus to Penthouse: A tour of the White City 

I have a special love for architecture and have worked at the Bauhaus Center for over a decade.

In this tour I will introduce you to the unique building styles of Tel Aviv, the White City area and the reason that gave it the status of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: from one-story houses in its early days, to the eclectic dream homes of the 1920s, through The Bauhaus houses of the 1930s to the towers of today.

On the tour we will see spectacular and renovated buildings alongside crumbling ones, colorful buildings alongside restrained ones, we will learn how style expresses a whole worldview and how to deal with the preservation of over 4000 buildings in the city.

The tour passes through small streets near Rothschild Avenue.

Tour length: 1.5-2 hours

White City Tour: Service
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