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The Local  aims to get to know Tel Aviv-Yafo through the people who work and create here, and to promote independent artists and small businesses from the various fields of design, craft and culture.

The tours were born out of my love for the city, history, design and aesthetics while getting to personally know the difficulties and challenges experienced by designers and small businesses in a competitive world that is constantly changing.

The tours focus on encounters with creators and designers, visits to boutiques and unique shops, while getting to know the local history, street art and anecdotes from urban life.

about me: 

My name is Michal Minsky. I was born and raised in Tel Aviv and I have been guiding in the city for over a decade.

I have a bachelor's degree in art history from Tel Aviv University, worked in local iconic cultural institutions such as the Bauhaus Center, Eretz Israel Museum and The PhotoHouse, where I'm still engaged in historical research on the city. 

I used to own my own Jewelry brand called Miss Minsky.


Michal, take me on a tour!

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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