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'Those were the days' Talks

A nostalgic, exciting and funny journey into daily life in young Israel, through original photographs, rare videos and old advertisements.

The length of all lectures is about an hour.

 A long road to liberty- the story of the Israeli housewife


Until the 1970s, being a housewife in Israel was a genuine profession for many women, who even studied it in an orderly manner, specialized, invested a lot of thought in caring for their home and family, and gained great respect due to educating the future generation of Israel.

In the lecture, we will rediscover the local housewife: What subjects were taught at a young Mizrahi home? Who was the singing housewife? What were the criteria for winning the title of Queen of the Kitchen? And how do you make gefiltefish from tuna?

A photographic journey through old
Tel Aviv 

3038 (3).jpg

From the day of its establishment, the city of Tel Aviv has been an important part of the life of the Jewish community in Eretz Israel, a modern and Jewish city in which great events took place alongside everyday ones.

In this lecture, we will embark on a photographed journey to early daysTel Aviv through photos of the best photographers in the early years of the city. We will see what everyday life looked like in the first Hebrew city: Who were the leading cinemas? What did people eat and drink in the cafes? What did the lifeguards' swimwear look like in the 1940s and what happened to the famouse hotdog seller from Mugrabi Square?

Motherhood of yesteryear


Today's young mothers can not imagine parenting without WhatsApp support groups, various activities in development centers and posts of professional counselors and mentors on social media. But what did the mothers of yesteryear do? What did their parenting look like? Where did they get their inspiration and support from? Where did they go to spend time with the kids? In this lecture we will take a look at the lives of the urban mothers of yesteryear through old advertisements, videos and historicall photographs. We will get to know the mythological institutions they visited, the information they consumed and the daily routine. How did the mothers in the city differ from the mothers in the village? Which baby carriages were popular? What is the benefit of fish oil and how to avoid washing endless cloth diapers?

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