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In The PhotoHouse's Footsteps

I've been working at The PhotoHouse for over 8 years, and on this tour I'll tell you all about this wonderful time capsule. It is the oldest photography shop in Tel Aviv, and has long since become a renowned institution.

It started out in 1940 as one of the small photography shops scattered along Allenby Street, but over the years has became the most famous photography shop in Tel Aviv, through which tens of thousands of photographers passed, many of them famous.
To this day, this small family store keeps the largest private photo archive in the country, which contains many significant moments in the history of the State of Israel,  of the Zionist enterprise and the development of the Jewish settlement in Israel.
On the tour we will discover the founders of the place,  Rudi and Miriam Wiesenstein.

How did they make their little shop so well known? Were the famous photographs spontaneous or commissioned ? How are negatives being preserved ? And what is the future of a physical collection in the digital era?

Join me on a fascinating tour that is a photographed and nostalgic historical journey.

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