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 The Urban tours

Tel Aviv is without a doubt the most interesting city in the country, diverse and full of contrasts: buildings for preservation alongside new towers, luxury restaurants alongside falafel stands, local and international, modest and pretentious.

On the urban tours we will wander the city streets and hear extraordinary anecdotes, get to know the fascinating history, architecture, street art and contemporary changes that the city is constantly undergoing.

Each tour can be changed and tailored to your requests, depending on the audience and the nature of the event.

Length of tours: 1.5-2 hours

From Bauhaus to Penthouse:  White City tour

I have a special love for architecture and have worked at the Bauhaus Center for over a decade!

On this tour I will introduce you to the unique building styles of Tel Aviv, show you around the White City area and, and explain the reason that gave it the status of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO organization: from one-story houses in its early days, to the eclectic dream homes of the 1920s, through The Bauhaus houses of the 1930s to the towers of today.

On the tour we will see spectacular and renovated buildings alongside crumbling ones, colorful buildings alongside restrained ones, we will learn how style expresses a whole worldview and how the municipality handles the preservation of over 4000 buildings in the city.

The tour passes through small streets near Rothschild Avenue.


From rags to riches-
Neve Tzedek and Hamsila Park

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality recently inaugurated the Railway Park on the route of the old Jaffa-Jerusalem Ottoman railway, which operated from the end of the 19th century until the 1950s.
The park reveals to us the neighborhood on the southern side of Neve Tzedek, which until now was a garage area and will change its face, as well as a new face of Neve Tzedek that we did not get to see before.
During the tour we will visit the classic Neve Tzedek, learn about the establishment of the first Jewish neighbourhood outside Jaffa walls in the late 19th century, as well as visit  the new park area.

How did the area benefit from becoming a main road? How do you turn a no-man's land into an attraction? And what is the graffiti on the walls of the railway route trying to tell us?

 Dizengoff is back!

Over the years, Dizengoff Street has been a symbol of Tel Aviv, with bustling cafes, fashion stores and the best of bohemians and celebrities who have come to walk its sidewalks and squat in the square. The square and the street suffered a severe blow and for over thirty years the area suffered from neglect  And from a lack of public interest.

Since the square was lowered and renovated in 2018, the entire area has experienced a wave of blooms and renovations, and this is the opportunity to tour the area and get to know the fascinating history:

In what historical structure were girls trained to be perfect housewives? Where are the dormitories hidden? Which buildings were bombed from the air in World War II and how did a cinema become a hotel?

Between Bialik and Nahalat Binyamin

During the tour, we will visit two streets identified with Tel Aviv: Nahalat Binyamin and Bialik.

Nahalat Binyamin Street was one of the busiest shopping streets of Tel Aviv and today it is an integral part of the vibrant heart of the city, which is reached from the ends of the earth to walk around the pedestrian zone, visit cafes and shop.

Some of the most famous intellectuals in Tel Aviv lived on Bialik Street and today it is a kind of nature reserve for buildings for preservation.

Why did Nahalat Binyamin Street become a pedestrian mall? Who is the couple who met on Nahalat Binyamin Street and lived together for over 50 years? Where is the Centrium, and to which dealer does Bialik owe money to this day?

During the tour we will also get to know the impressive street art that has become an integral part of the area, we will encounter decades-old businesses that have never left the area, we will learn about conservation and more.

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