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Design and art tours

Come meet  The most fascinating designers and creators in the city!

In the design and art tours we will get to know the people who make the city what it is, and have chosen a slightly less routine way to fulfill themselves. Designers, creators, owners of unique concept stores and artists who will open their studio for us and give a glimpse into their unique world. Between visits we will also learn about the fascinating history of each area, the architecture, the street art and the contemporary changes they are going through.

Each tour can be changed and tailored to your requests, depending on the audience and the nature of the event.

 length:  3 hours

Secret Jaffa -  Noga neighborhood and the American Colony

On this tour we will visit two nearby neighborhoods that have undergone a makeover in recent years from garages and crumbling buildings to sought-after real estate pearls:  Noga neighborhood and the American Colony on the Jaffa-Tel Aviv border .

Noga neighborhood was established in the 1930s and includes buildings with a unique modern style, a variety of small boutiques and studios of artists and designers.

The American-German colony, on the other hand, was founded in the middle of the 19th century by Christian American settlers and feels like a small, pastoral village with houses with tiled roofs and a small, picturesque church. 

During the tour we will wander the magical streets of the 2 neighborhoods and get to know the artists who make the area what it is.

Electric Tour: The Electricity Garden district

The Electricity Garden district has undergone many upheavals over the years: from a prestigious residential area in its early days, to a prostitution center to a bubbly and  creative center today. On this tour we will get to know the story of the area and will visit the people who work and create in it: local designers, owners of concept stores and handmade artists.  we will see the spectacular buildings for preservation and the hidden street art on the neighborhood walls.

​ What is the connection between the name of the neighborhood and electricity? Who is the oldest store in the neighborhood and how does the third generation adapt it to the current reality? How exactly does a small handmade ceramics studio succeed in the age of mass production? And how do you turn a huge old telephone exchange into a hostel that is also the hottest place for art in the city?

Let's visit one of the most interesting and least touristy neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.


Length of the tour: about 3 hours

Not only an arts fair Street: Nahalat Binyamin

On this tour, we will discover shops and people who followed their dream and chose one of the oldest areas in Tel Aviv, Nahalat Binyamin Street.

The area began as a commercial center, became a textile shopping street and later a pedestrian mall, stood idle for many years and today attracts many young people, bars and cafes, and of course interesting artists.  

On the tour we will  hear stories fromthe neighborhood's seniors, visit a family record store that sweeps a young audience, learn why we all wear our bag wrong, discover the thriving street art scene in the area and try to understand the secret to longevity of an 80 year old  family store.


Length of the tour: about 3 hours

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