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Black and white Mysteries Talks

A series of detective lectures based on fascinating research that I conducted as part of my work as an archivist of the Photo Archive and as a researcher in other historical photography collections. How to decode a photo location? Who are the people in the pictures? What do you do with a physical archive in the digital age and how can one photograph tell us a world and its fullness.

The length of all lectures is about an hour.

Changing streets and a mysterious shop - solving historical photographs

3447 (1).jpg

In recent years, many historical photography collections have undergone a processes of digitization and exposure to the general public. In this process we come across countless photographs about which much information is missing, such as the location, date and identity of the people being photographed. In this lecture we will understand what are the tools available to us when we want to findthe location of a historical photograph and how can we try and understand where it was photographed and gather as much information as possible about it.

What is the significance of this process? Why is it important? And are there enough resources to allocate to the matter?

We will use as a test case for the first Hebrew city, Tel Aviv, watch various historical photographs of it, embrace the nostalgia, and together try to solve their locations.

The PhotoHouse - from a family business to a national Landmark

4340 Miriam Weissenstein 1941_edited.jpg

The PhotoHouse began as one of the small photography shops scattered along Allenby Street in Tel Aviv, and over the years became one of the most well-known photography shops in the country, through which tens of thousands of photographers passed and milestones in local history were burned in the negatives and archive binders.

On theis talk we will get to know the founders of the place, Rudi and Miriam Wiesenstein, and will discover how Rudi managed to become from an anonymous photographer to the documentor of the declaration of independence of the state of Israel,  and the  photographer  of the most famous Israeli politicians, actors andartists.

We will talk about famous photographs, anecdotes behind pictures, the challenges of maintaining a private collection of photographs of national importance, and will be moved by the amazing survival story of the small family shop of more than 80 years. J

oin me for an hour of nostalgia, memories and exciting moments in black and white.

Israel's declaration and the couple on the roof - left behind photo series


Familiar and beloved historical photographs are often part of a wide series that was taken and was left behind.

On this talk, we will get to know a number of historical photo series and try to understand why the image we know from the series was selected, what we can learn from its selection about the client, the photographer and the message they tried to convey us.

What leaves a stronger impression on us, a series of images or a single image? And who determines what is chosen: the client, the photographer or the public?

All this and more in a nostalgic lecture full of black-and-white photographs and exciting .discoveries

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