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The Electric Garden complex has undergone many upheavals and upheavals over the years: from a prestigious residential area in its early days to a prostitution center to a living and kicking creative center today. On the tour we will get to know the  The story of the complex and we will visit the people who work and create in it: we will hear the story of designers who work in the neighborhood and of the concept stores that make it while meeting the people behind them, we will see the spectacular buildings for preservation and the hidden street art.

What is the connection between the name of the neighborhood and electricity? Who is the oldest store in the neighborhood and how does the third generation adapt it to the current reality? How exactly does a small handmade ceramics studio succeed in the age of mass production? And how to turn the structure of a huge, old telephone exchange into a hostel that is  also  The hottest place for art in the city?

Come and get to know in depth one of the most interesting and least touristy neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.


Length of the tour: about 3 hours

Neve Tzedek Tour: Service

Electric tour of the electricity garden complex

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